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Samsung Galaxy S6 Receives Criticism For Its Revised Design

Dec 06, 2015 09:46 PM EST

Samsung Galaxy
(Photo : Reuters) A hostess displays the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone during the Mobile World Congres

The giant tech company Samsung released its Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that are Android smartphones. The company made their availability in 20 countries on April 10, 2015. Upon their release, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge already garnered rave reviews for its design and features. Although it is the newest in the series, this particular model also possesses its fair share of overhaul problems.

One of the issues about it is the RAM. Even though Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge come with a whopping 3 GB internal memory doesn't seem that big. The information will be stored in the RAM for quick access purposes. The case of Samsung S6 and S6 Edge experiences a lot of difficulties in clearing their RAM that becomes the main reason that some of their applications will shut down while still in use.

Another thing that some buyers are complaining about is that the newest models still have a built-in battery. This could be difficult because once the battery experiences some problems, it will be much more difficult to replace it. Moreover, the two new models also don't support MicroSD that angered a lot of their consumers after rumors circulated that the models will feature expandable storage options. 

Mr. Alastair Stevenson stated in his review of the product that even though Samsung Galaxy S6 definitely improved in some areas, there are still more changes that should have been made. One of them is the number of needle changes in the user interface that proved to be of no help in the system's internal design.

He also complained about how the new version can sometimes have delayed updates. The 'Skin' can delay the gadget's capability to upgrade mainly because its custom code shall be reworked before accepting the changes.

Another common problem with the S6 model is on how some toggles just go missing from their Quick Settings menu. In order to fix them, the users have to download an app to restore it to the phone.

Samsung promised to give an exact date when the S6 and S6 Edge can be upgraded to the new 5.1 Google version since the overhaul is quite a hassle.

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