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Google Introduces 3D VR Camera App

Dec 08, 2015 03:30 AM EST


A new camera app will surely thrill Android users. An app that allows taking 3D photos was recently launched by tech giant Google. The latest app called Cardboard Camera allows smartphones to capture virtual reality (VR) photos, which  are 360 degree panoramas, allowing users to experience some virtual reality.

To add life to once still photos, users hold their phones and turn around in circle and take the 360 degrees photo. Then when the image is viewed in Google's Cardboard viewer, the user can experience something new, which is a VR photo, Google announced.

To make all photos a memory you always want to come back to, the app also records surrounding backgrounds. Things that are near look nearer, and those that are far look farther. 

The app is now readily available for free in Google Play store in 17 different languages. Its size is about 33 MB and is supported by Android-run device with operating systems KitKat and above.

"With Cardboard Camera, anyone can create their own VR experience. So revisit the mountaintop that took hours to hike, or the zoo where you saw (and heard) the monkeys, or your birthday party with the cake out and candles still lit. Capture the moments that matter to you and relive them anytime, from anywhere," Google posted.

There were leaked reports in September that rival company Microsoft is also working on a somewhat similar concept that will be called the Microsoft VR kit. The kit works by inserting the smartphone in a cardboard box and holding it close to the face. Speculations suggest that the company might also offer it for free.

Microsoft HoloLens has already earned its way to the market. Experts assume that the cardboard scheme is a means to "lower the barrier and encourage VR developer interest," The Wired article stated.  

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