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France's Take On Climate Change

Dec 11, 2015 04:31 AM EST

World Climate Conference
(Photo : Reuters) French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius, President-designate of COP21, attends a press conference after a key handover ceremonty at the World Climate Conference

The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference is currently being held in Le Bourget, Paris. France's Prime Minister Manuel Valls stressed the importance of being able to come up with a way to fight climate change. 

In a span of 13 days, over 190 national leaders have joined a discussion about the possible solutions for one of the world's biggest problems. These leaders have been doing negotiations and talks after talks about effective ways in reducing the hazardous global emissions over the past 4 years. The conference's top priority is for the national leaders to finally form a legal agreement on how to fight the worsening condition of Earth's climate for this year.

France would promote the limitation of heat-trapping greenhouse gases that usually come from coal, oil and gas, which are the top three sources of the world's energy supply. That has been one of its proposed plans for 2020. They will be able to limit the global warming temperatures to just below 2 degrees Celsius if they succeeded.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Valls presented a roadmap of the French energy transition last Febuary. He was able to summarize some of the issues and challenges that the whole world faces as the threat of climate change goes stronger.

Mr. Valls also persuaded the people to reevaluate how they live their lives. His administration also worked with the Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC) to come up with a strategy that lessens the use of carbon rate in France.

Now it can be recalled that just a few weeks before the COP21 started, a series of terrorist attacks spread all throughout Paris. The Prime Ministersaid in an interview that even though their nation is still mourning, the conference will have to push through since it is essential not only to their people but also to the entire world.

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