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Mozilla Foundation Drops Firefox OS Projects

Dec 11, 2015 05:02 AM EST

Firefox OS
Mozilla now lets you experience Firefox OS on Android smartphone through an app

The Firefox OS is one of the latest innovations made by Mozilla Foundation where it is developed as an alternative for branded and high-cost systems and devices that the people are used to. But unfortunately, the company announced that it will no longer continue on manufacturing and distributing this product.

On Dec. 8, 2015, Mozilla formally announced that it's giving up on the smartphone competition by stopping the development and selling of Firefox smartphones for good. Senior Vice President of Mozilla Foundation's Connected Devices, Mr. Ari Jaaksi, stated in the press release that they will always be proud of the Firefox OS since it was able to prove the web's flexibility. However, they felt like the company's development team wasn't able to give the perfect customer experience that they hoped for Firefox OS. And with that being said, The Mozilla Foundation dropped the project and pulled its connections with carrier channels.

The Firefox OS was first unveiled in 2013, with hopes of giving consumers more options by offering low-cost handsets. And through the course of 2 years, the Firefox OS was unable to catch up with other brands in terms of sales. But in a market where new names erupt from all corners and people stick with what they know, Firefox OS ultimately failed.

Mozilla Foundation already declared its plan to move on to a lot of better things and stated that even though Firefox OS failed, it still provided some vital insights that they can use to build much better products. They also said that they'll still be using some of the technologies from the OS project to help them jumpstart their new plans.

The company furthermore explained that it will start the New Year by doing explorations on different studies that show how a smartphone can be successful. Mozilla Foundation also intends to focus on devices and technologies that will help the consumers feel safe and connected.

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