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Google Plans To Add Split Screen View For Android Tablets

Dec 14, 2015 09:24 PM EST

Google Split Screen
(Photo : Reuters) Apple iOS 9 will be showcased at WWDC 2015

The split screen view was one of the latest available features in devices like iPad and Windows. However, Androids were not far behind as Google announced its plan to integrate the same feature in them.

During a question and answer portion on Reddit on Dec. 10, 2015, Google's Pixel C team revealed that a split screen  multitasking feature was already in the works. Android and Chrome User Interface Director Glen Murphy wrote in reference of the upcoming Google Pixel C tablet that they are developing various new things and enhancements for tablets. He talked about a new feature he calls "Multiwindow," which is something they have been working on for a very long time.

Google's director of product management for consumer hardware, Mr. Andrew Bowers, verified the news by revealing more information. Mr. Bowers stated that they are very excited on working for the next Android release since this will be the first time the company will be able to show new features that it didn't do before. He finished his statement by assuring the consumers that the split screen feature is definitely in the middle stages of development.

The split screen view feature would be very helpful for its users as it will allow them to work on more than one app at the same time. It can also be used to check or search about something on the Internet while running another application.

Just a few months ago, a split screen feature called 'split view' had been available for iPad users as part of its IOS 9.2 update. Microsoft on the other hand had introduced this feature first back in 2012, when they released Windows 8 back then.

It was believed that one of the reasons that Google made such a bold move was that they wanted to catch up with other brands in terms of tablet sales. It was their latest offering to people who are looking for the most efficient devices in the market.

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