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Survey: Teenagers Are More Likely To Smoke Marijuana Than Cigarette

Dec 23, 2015 07:46 PM EST

(Photo : Reuters) A young cannabis plant

Marijuana, although illegal, is a drug that is widely available in high school campuses all throughout the United States. And a recent survey shows that teenagers these days are more likely to smoke it rather than cigarettes.

Recently, a survey called Monitoring the Future was conducted by the University of Michigan on over 45,000 8th to 12th graders all over the United States showed that even though their use of illicit and synthetic drugs has decreased, their attention shifted to marijuana and other opioids. About 6 percent of the 12th graders who took part in the survey said that pot is the drug that they use, while only 5.5 percent replied with cigarettes. This is remarkable since it is the first time ever that marijuana had overtaken cigarettes when it comes to being the most smoked drug among teens.

The percentage of teenage marijuana users was about the same amount as of 2014; that alone is something that the survey's operators are smiling about. According to the Director of National Drug Institute of Addiction, Dr. Nora D. Volkow, M.D, they are quite contented with the numbers that they got from the survey since they showed a decline in the use of illicit drugs. That's not all, irresponsive use of medical opioids have decreased, too, along with the smoking rate.

Dr. Volkow also stated that even though the weed percentage is still high, it is still promising since it just shows that kids these days are starting to learn what drug they should use. Also indicated in the study is that a fair number of teenagers have shifted from cigarettes to 'vapes' that are believed to be a better option.

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