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Mozilla Updates To 64 Bit Version

Dec 22, 2015 12:54 AM EST

Mozilla Firefox
(Photo : Reuters) Mozilla Firefox Logo

It has been previously reported that Mozilla has been doing some shakeups with projects such as Thunderbird and Firefox OS. However, it recently released an update for its most famous product, The Mozilla Firefox browser.

There are a couple of changes that feature in this newest update. One of them is the address bar suggestions that will work best when the history searches are retained. Another one is that the Firefox browser now automatically deactivates all the extensions that are not affiliated with it.

It is said that the newest update is the latest in the series of efforts to stop unwanted ad trackers. Most of the features presented on the newest update came from the idea of protecting the users from malicious sites and links that were potentially harmful.

Aside from the traditional blocking and ad blocking made by downloaded apps, the newest Firefox updates also offer two new options when it comes to ad blocking. One of them allows the user to browse in a private window and be left untracked by all the web contents that are probably extracting personal information. The other is the 'strict' option; it is a blacklist option that stops all additional data trackers like those found in videos, photos and login sites.

Mozilla stated that the newest update should make common operations such as gaming and searching much faster than usualAlthough the newest update reeks of good intention, its arrival at the Mozilla company is a very tricky move. After all, it was just recently announced by the company that it will stop producing and developing Firefox OS after it failed to make any impact on the Android phone race. It also mentioned that it will soon drop the chatting software Thunderbird.

Mozilla also reminded its users that even though the 64 bit version is much better, it might not play some of the plug-ins from the 32 bit Firefox as they don't support the same type of extensions.

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