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Kodak Will Bring Back The Super 8 Camera With Its Latest Features

Jan 11, 2016 12:51 AM EST

Kodak is considerably one of the pioneers when it comes to camera. And recently, they have announced to bring back one of its Super 8 camera. And this time, it will come with modern touches that can go head to head with famous brands in the market.

During its panel at the Consumer's Electronic Show, Kodak announced that in light of the upcoming 50th anniversary of Kodak's Super 8 camera, it will be bringing it back as a film product that today's aspiring directors and filmmakers can use. The company kicked off the initiative by unveiling a prototype of the camera that boasts modernised features. Some of them are a built-in microphone, digital viewfinder and tons of connectivity options such as USB and support for SD card. Another one of the notable changes that were revealed was that this prototype sports a separate LCD screen that lets the user watch the footage while it was being captured, rather than watching it after filming.

According to Yves Béhar, a renowned industrial designer and founder of Fuseproject and Kodak's partner in the revival of the Super 8 camera, filming is an art that cannot be replaced by the digital era. He added that the re-release of the product doesn't mean that it's a retro-design job. Instead, it is more of like giving the users a revamped version of the camera while still being able to capture the "old school" feel that Super 8 camera footages were known for.

In a press release by the company's CEO, Jeff Clarke, he stated that the initiative of bringing back the Super 8 camera can be considered as an ecosystem for film. Various Hollywood directors have also joined the cause of bringing back the classic camera. Many top film directors such as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and Christopher Nolan have praised the move and recounted the days of their good experiences with the Super 8 camera.

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