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Single Mothers Do Not Get Enough Sleep, Survey Says

Jan 11, 2016 01:06 AM EST


A recent survey in the United States found that the most sleep-deprived people are single parents. The survey suggests that single parents are in need of more naps than couples.

Nearly 44 percent of single mothers who care for their children below 18 years old are not getting the recommended 7 hours of sleep at night, according to the survey conducted by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is compared with the 32 percent with two-parent families and 30 percent with no children. 

Meanwhile, the report further found that single fathers get better sleep with only about 38 percent of them not being able to follow the recommended rest hours compared with women (44 percent). And among two-parent and without children families, men do not get enough sleep compared with women. 

Furthermore, single parents based on the survey also tend to have a poor quality of rest. They may also manifest symptoms such as insomnia and may begin taking medications to go to sleep. Women, in particular, are most likely to suffer from falling and staying asleep and most of the time wake up feeling not well-rested.

A sound and good quality sleep has been a national objective and a public health priority as there have been reports linking sleep deprivation with certain conditions such as depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. In addition, it has been associated with increased work-related and car accidents.

Giving his view on the report, Boston's Bringham and Women's Hospital sleep medicine specialist Dr. Stuart Quan said that the results were no surprise to him, citing that single parents have greater pressure on caring for their child compared with a family with two parents. 'In general, people tend to sacrifice sleep when they have competing priorities, such as work, family responsibilities and social obligations,' he noted.

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