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Exercise Is The Best Way To Relieve Back Pain, Study Says

Jan 12, 2016 02:36 AM EST

When people experience back pain, most of the time, they tend to stay in their beds hoping they will soon be relieved from the discomfort. However, an emerging research debunks this prior notion, suggesting that exercising is, in fact, the best way to alleviate the pain.

A study collated and analyzed over 20 previous research of various treatment methods used for lower back pain that involved more than 30,000 participants. On the basis of the data gathered, the study suggests that proper exercise plus right education or exercise alone is likely to decrease risk for back pain.

The study found that lower back pain complaints reduced to 35 percent over a year in patients who performed a range of exercises. Moreover, the figure increased to 45 percent when these patients who are already carrying out exercises were taught the correct ways of lifting heavy objects and sitting.

While researchers claimed that exercise alone may be effective, that is, reducing risk of its episode and sick leave occurrences, they are uncertain if its effects could last more than a year. They noted an increased recurrence rate, citing that approximately 50 percent of the population experience intermittence a year after recovering.

An estimated 80 percent or four in every five people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, and this is most likely as a result of bad posture, bending awkwardly or lifting heavy objects incorrectly. This finding thus tackles vital issue concerning exercise as a precautionary measure for future back pain issues.

The study, in particular, has discovered a number of benefits from various forms of exercises. The variety includes back and abs strengthening and motion exercises as well as yoga, which is found to be effective for back pain relief both in men and women, possibly because of the muscle strengthening and stretching combo it offers. However, the latest findings did not find any support correlating back belts, shoe insoles and education alone to lessen back pain tendency.

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