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No Direct Link Between Longer Working Hours And Failure In Relationships -- Research

Jan 12, 2016 02:56 AM EST


It has been common thinking that workaholic people tend to suffer more when it comes to the relationship department.  However, a recent study revealed that doing longer working hours doesn't have any relation on the personal relationship pitfall.

A team of researchers from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations conducted a study in order to find how the amount of work a day can affect the relationship. They started the experiment by interviewing 285 couples who work in various professional fields. Fortunately, they were able to examine the pattern between working hours, personal lives and happiness in their relationship and how these three factors affect each other.

The team of scientists led by Professor Dana Zunger, who is famous for her previous works regarding work and life balance, determined that these couples have stayed together despite their busy schedules by spending a lot of time with each other whenever they have free time. They added that since these are a group of career-driven individuals, they are very much determined to be successful. However, it is very surprising that they are aware of its possible harmful effects on their personal lives, therefore allowing them the chance to give importance to the people they love.

The team of researchers stated that the aim of their study is to question whether being workaholic or doing longer job hours really affects personal relationships. And the results of the study showed that there is no such connection between the two as long as the people involved in the relationship are more than willing to compensate in order to keep it alive. However, even though the study ended up giving the researchers the answers they wanted. The result is still not perfect as they used participants who work in the same professional field. Further studies are still needed in order to identify if workers from different fields will also have the same level of understanding.

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