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VLC Debuts In Apple TV

Jan 13, 2016 02:22 AM EST

Users can now save themselves from the hassle of converting videos to make them compatible with Apple TV through the arrival of VLC. VLC, an app that is compatible to almost every kind of video extensions, is now available in App Store.

It can be recalled last September that VideoLAN confirmed that VLC will soon invade Apple TV. Although it has taken quite some time, VLC is finally here and can be downloaded via the App Store.

With the company's aim to fulfill its "plays it all" claim, users are now saved from the burdensome file conversion as VLC virtually supports any file format under the Sun. VideoLAN, in a careful note, promises users to gain access on more feature and format support more than its competing service providers.

Aside from its conventional services, VideoLAN's VLC brought some added bonus to Apple TV users. Through the support of PLEX protocols, UPnP media server, SMB and FTP, VLC on Apple TV can basically finds its way through the storage and shares on the local network. Users can just navigate through the clicker or remote and choose the video or content they want to play.

Subtitles are not a problem at all also as it can be added from OpenSubtitles.org, of which its login information is safely stored on Apple TV and will be synchronized to other Apple devices like iPad or iPhone. It supports a variety of texts such as srt, WebVTT or SSA and even bitmap subtitles with right-to-left language support for Hebrew, Arabic and other Asian languages, for example.

It also has a solution for network streams and files not saved on the server by introducing remote playback, which can allow some of the files to be saved locally while others can stream through URL and can be saved in the Network Stream tab for future viewing. Aside from that, VLC also offers traditional play, pause and seek. It also allows users to easily browse through per category like chapter and titles or subtitle tracks and the like.

With all these already amazing features, VLC is still continuously updating. It reported to be undergoing another TestFlight platform for beta testing Dropbox, OneDrive and Box support.

Of great help with VLC's finished product is the number of feedbacks given by 2,000 beta testers during its TestFlight in mid-November. The product is available for download at no additional cost.

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