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Constant Email Notification Can Lead To Stress -- Study

Jan 13, 2016 01:58 AM EST

Emails are an important part of everyday life -- they are an effective means of communicating with each other. However, a recent study revealed that constant use of the email app can lead to a higher level of stress.

In a report published in the Future Work Centre that is based in London, it is indicated that people who constantly use the email app on their devices are much more likely to experience higher stress than those who do not. A team of researchers from various parts of the United Kingdom has gathered in order to conduct the study; they started it by doing a survey on over 2,000 people all across the country and asked them about the perks and downers of constant email usage.

The researchers found out the exact difference between using the email app and letting the email app consume the user. They stated that it is important to do 'email curfews' that is basically closing the app when not in use, as it will prevent possible stressful messages to come in during times that the user doesn't want to be interrupted. They also pointed out that this can be attributed to two of the most common things that people unknowingly do, checking their emails before they sleep and as soon as they wake up. Researchers then explained that the 'push' feature that automatically updates and notifies the user whenever a new email comes through plays a key role in developing email pressure that leads to stress.

According to study lead author, Dr. Richard MacKinnon, the people who said that emailing and the email app itself are very important to them and were also the ones who reported the highest level of email pressure. Aside from that, the overused of physical, mental and emotional efforts to make its content can also cause negative effects to the body. This can lead to a disruption in the normal well-being and productivity of a person.

Dr. Mackinnon concluded his statement by saying that their study was able to show the good and bad side that comes along with emailing. Even though it helps establish and keep good communication, it can also add to the daily stress and pressure that everyone feels.

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