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Exposure To Light Plays A Factor In Children’s Obesity -- Study

Jan 13, 2016 02:53 AM EST

A new study revealed that various sources of lights, especially artificial ones, are linked to obesity among children. The researchers got alarmed and decided to make certain studies for an accurate result.

A team of scientists from the Queensland University of Technology has asked the help of child centers around Brisbane and recruited six kids with ages between three and five. The researchers then spent the next two weeks tracking the kid's sleeping patterns, indoor and outdoor activities, and exposure to artificial and natural light. The children's group was also called "time 1."

The team also gathered each participant's height and weight to properly calculate their body mass index (BMI). After doing so, they checked them up 12 months later. The team of researchers then found out that most of the members of time 1 that got exposed into mild-intense Sun rays during the past few months have higher BMI scores than the others. They also discovered that the participants who weren't in the group but are exposed to sunlight late in the afternoon were slimmer than those who belong to "time 1."

However, they also pointed out that the kids who were exposed to mild light during the late afternoon were much slimmer than those who experienced some morning sunlight. According to PhD student and researcher Cassandra Pattinson, around 42 million of kids all around the world who fit their study's age bracket are either overweight or obese. She also added that the results of their work showed a significant move and a world's first. Miss Pattinson furthermore explained that artificial lights, such as the one found in modern day gadgets affect children instantly, often lead them having a weight-related condition. The increase in light exposure at the time of the day goes on is parallel to the growing pattern of children's obesity. 

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