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A New Male Contraceptive May Change Birth Control — Research

Jan 14, 2016 07:38 AM EST

Most contraceptives like condoms and birth control pills have somehow helped to slow down the growing issue of overpopulation. However, a new birth control product developed for men hopes to secure a 100% protection from procreation.

German inventor Clemens Bimek came up with an alternative for vasectomy. The Bimek SLV or also known as the 'dick click.' It is a tiny switch implanted into the vas deferens in the testicle glands of a male in order to disrupt seminal fluid regulation.

The procedure of implanting the tiny device will last for about 30 minutes. Inserted through a small incision, it is less than 2cm long and weighs only two grams. The patient will be under local anesthetic during the entire operation.

However, Mr. Bimek pointed out that once a patient undergoes through this simple surgery, he has to wait for at least six months in order to assure that there's not even a small amount of semen still lingering in the testicles. But after the six month period, the device will work properly for the rest of the patient's life.

The switch of the bimek SLV is accessible through the scrotum skin. Mr. Clemens Bimek instructed that if a male finally wants to have children, he can just put the switch up to enable the flow of semen and pull it down once again if he's done or if he doesn't want to. He also pointed out in a recent released statement that male contraceptives are often associated with vasectomy, which is a permanent operation.

With the arrival of his invention, guys all over the world can now choose whenever they want to conceive kids or not.

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