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New Treatment For Alzheimer’s Will Be Available In 2025 — Study

Jan 16, 2016 10:15 AM EST


Alzheimer's disease is a brain illness in which it slowly affects the memory and other important mental functions such as thinking and judgment. However, an academic leader predicted that a much more effective treatment for Alzheimer's disease will be available within the next 10 years.

According to Prof. John Hardy, a renowned dementia expert from the University of London, the drugs that he and his team were testing in their laboratory showed a promising start that made him believe that the human race is now in an era of nothing but positivity. He also added that these new batch of drugs will be able to push back the age at which people starts developing the early stages of the disease and will be available as soon as 2025.

To recall, the giant pharmaceutical company Eli Lily, released the study results of a particular drug called "solanezumab" last summer. Their work was able to show that this drug can prevent the mental decline of an Alzheimer's patient by at least 30 percent.

Their research marked the first time in which a medication shows the ability to eradicate the process of the underlying disease rather than the symptoms. This treatment has done that by clearing out the amyloid plaques which stops brain cells from interacting with each other.

Once this drug is further developed and released, it will then be administered to the patient through the use of infusion. However, experts say that there can also be a time that when people who are at risk of acquiring dementia will go through various screening tests where they will be given the preventive drugs.

Dr. Doug Brown, director of research and development of Alzheimer's Society, stated that they are currently developing a new treatment that can slow down the pace of memory loss among Alzheimer's patients.

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