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Stress May Play A Factor When It Comes To Weight Loss — Study

Jan 19, 2016 06:41 AM EST

People who are under high levels of stress are more likely to lose a great amount of weight. However, a new study revealed the opposite of this common belief, saying that those who experiences high levels of stress actually find it harder to lose body weight.

A team of researchers from the University of Florida conducted a study regarding the effects of high stress levels on a person's weight.  After conducting a test on a bunch of lab mice that were under great metabolic distress during the time of the experiment, the researchers were able to observe that high levels of stress in them have led to a massive production of a particular protein called betathrophin.

According to Dr. Li-Jun Yang, a professor and lead investigator in the University of Florida's College of Medicine, betatrophin is a chemical that is responsible for reducing the body's ability to lose weight. And with stress being a major factor of its production, this particular protein acts like a bridge between the two.

Betatrophin first made its debut back in the headlines in 2013 when a research work from the Harvard University suggested that it can increase the number of insulin producing cells that are present in the bodies of diabetes patients. However, other studies proved that this particular protein had no such effect on the patient's condition.

The team of researchers then decided to study the properties and capabilities of Betatrophin where they discovered how it slows down the body's process of burning fat. Their findings showed that this protein suppresses an enzyme called "adipose triglyceride lipase" that is responsible for breaking down the body's stored fats.

Although the exact effect of betatrophin on humans is still something that they're unable to observe, the researchers suggested that the results they got proves that by reducing the high level of stress a person is feeling, he or she will most likely be able to lose weight. The study authors then proceeded to remind the public that chronic stress is never good for someone's health.

Dr. Yang added that their findings showed how important it is to solve a stressful situation before it intensifies and affects the body negatively.

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