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Wine And Citrus Fruits Can Reduce Erectile Dysfunction — Study

Jan 19, 2016 08:25 AM EST


Erectile Dysfunction is becoming one of the most common issues every middle-aged man is going through. Doctors usually provide medications and suggest exercise in order to help them have lesser problems in that particular department. However, a new study emerged saying that a diet rich in wine and citrus fruits might help.

Recently, the University of East Anglia and Harvard University scientists have concluded a 40-year collaborative study regarding the possible alternative solutions for this condition. Researchers conducted the study by looking through the data of over 50,000 men who's in their middle age of life.

The study authors then asked them three times, with a four-year interval for each, regarding their ability to maintain an erection and do sexual intercourse. These participants were also asked to provide information about any previous erectile dysfunction incidents starting from the year of 1986. To complete the required information, they need to submit diet reports every four years.

The team then analyzed the given information for four decades and came up with a promising result, since they discovered that more than one third of the study's participants have experienced erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. However, it also turned out that the rest of the participants identified as the ones with lesser chances of acquiring the condition have consumed foods that are rich in flavonoids.

Furthermore, it showed that by taking in small portions of food, the chances of getting erectile dysfunction will decrease by 10 percent. It also noted that by eating more fruits and combining it with flavonoids and exercise, anyone will be 21 percent less likely to acquire the condition. According to lead study author, Professor Aedin Cassidy from the University of East Anglia, their study is the first one that was able to showcase the link between erectile dysfunction and flavonoids.

Finally, she added that the benefits of foods rich in flavonoid such as wine and berries will work at a higher rate in younger men, especially those who were still on the onset of erectile dysfunction.

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