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Taste Buds Can Now Detect Fats In Food — Study

Jan 21, 2016 10:40 AM EST

Obesity is becoming one of the fastest growing health problems in the entire world. And because of that, various ineffective diets and other regimens have emerged in hopes of being able to help people who are in need of toning down their body weight. A study was recently conducted in order to detect fats in food.

A team of sensory scientists from Deakin University, Australia have recently concluded an experiment that was able to show how possible it is to alter one's sensitivity to the taste of fat by changing their diet. The scientists hired 53 study participants who are obese at the time of the study.

They were then assigned to either a low-fat diet or a portion-controlled diet for a period of six weeks. Both diets were specially designed to reduce each test subject's energy intake by 25 percent.

The team asked the participants about their fats taste threshold, which is the smallest amount of fats that they can detect in various food samples. They were also asked about their preferences when it comes to low-fat and regular-fat foods. Lastly, the participants also got their height, weight, waist and hip measurements taken before and after the study.

As soon as the six-week period had ended, the researchers examined them and found out that participants from both diet groups have lost weight. However, there's a 0.2 percent difference between the two.

The team discovered that those who belong to the portion-controlled diet group lost about 2.70 percent of their weight, while those who went through a low-fat diet were able to lose 2.90 percent of their body fats.

The team was able to notice that those who belonged to the low-fat group showed greater ability to detect fats on the food they eat, therefore making them aware what's good and bad for them. Dr. Lisa Newman, who conducted the study for her PhD, is confident that the results of their research work will most likely convince people not to indulge in too much fatty foods.

Therefore, her study will help those who are overweight and obese to lose weight and the normal people from gaining excessive body fats.

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