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Trump Shall Continue Obama's Order On LGBT Workplace Rights Protection

Feb 01, 2017 10:52 AM EST


President Donald Trump just recently provided a statement that he shall continue one of former President Barack Obama's policies. This is none other than the law protecting the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders in their respective workplaces. 

According to an article released by Reuters, President Trump made the vow last Tuesday. The White House spokesperson also provided a statement in line with this revealing that it is an honor for the President to be the very first Republican who mentioned its support for the LGBT community in his acceptance speech.

This support for the LGBT community through continuing Obama's policy was not new to Trump. According to CNN, Trump was known to the public as one of the Republicans who is pro-LGBT. The President showed this even way before his presidency such as during the Orlando nightclub shooting where he expressed his sincerest sympathy to the victims.

Despite Trump's vocal support for the LGBT community, the said community is still not fully sure if they can truly put their hopes up with USA's newest president. In the same article by CNN, the LGBT community voiced out their concerns as early as the election period. Some of their concerns included whether Trump shall retain the same-sex marriage in the country despite having conservatives on his administration. Another concern which also bugged the minds of married members of the community is whether the president will still be approving of same-sex adoption.

Aside from the aforementioned issues raised by the LGBT community, they also talked about whether Trump's administration shall continue and strengthen the rights of transgenders in schools. This was one of the controversial concerns during the election days as Trump's running mate Mike Pence highly criticizes the community.

Now that Trump's support for the rights of the LGBT community in their workplaces was reaffirmed, the scrutinizing eyes of the community are still waiting for more reaffirmations until they can finally sigh with relief. Trump's first 100 days as USA's newest president is indeed something to look out for.

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