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Obesity Versus Serotonin: Discovery On The Fat-Burning Mechanism Of Brain Hormone

Feb 02, 2017 03:16 AM EST

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Advancement in the natural and safe treatment of obesity is on its way as biologists from Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) found out how serotonin is signaled during lipid metabolism or 'fat burning'. The study was conducted by Professor Surpriya and Research Associate Lavinia Palamiuc.

Several studies suggest that serotonin has a significant role in lipid metabolism but the principle behind the mechanism of action is still unclear. According to the published journal of the study, the research team utilized a roundworm called 'Caenorhabditis Elegans' because this organism is capable of generating brain signaling molecules similar to humans.

The study specifically states the ligand-receptor pair that reflects the neuroendocrine axis of serotonergic body fat loss of the roundworm. Serotonin is molecularly known as 5-hydroxytryptamine controls the feeding behavior, adiposity, and energy expenditure in living organisms. The result of the study exactly suggests that neuropeptide signaling is needed in order to stimulate serotonin during lipid metabolism.

As reported by World Health, the scientists tested several genes using the roundworm. Eliminating the other genes, they were left with FLP-7 a known neuropeptide hormone that is believed to have a connection between the brain and the gut in terms of lipid metabolism.

FLP-7 was then further studied regarding its direct correlation with serotonin. By adding fluorescent red protein in order to visualize the FLP-7, the scientists have proven that with increased levels of serotonin FLP-7 is released immediately form the brain's neurons. The neuropeptide was released in the circulatory system initiating the burning of fat within the gut.

With the strong evidence of lipid metabolism in respect to the levels of serotonin and release of the neuropeptide, this could already pave the way in the advancement of treating obesity. Furthermore, side effects were not clearly stated when altering the serotonin and FLP-7 levels in the roundworm sample. Meanwhile, an old analytical technique can be utilized to identify the existence of alien in earth's oceans; click here for more details.

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