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Pornhub's Sexual Wellness Center To Provide Sexual Education

Feb 02, 2017 01:44 PM EST

Pornhub Review
(Photo : Pornhub Review/ Youtube Screenshot) Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center, an online resource aiming to provide readers with information and advice regarding sexuality, sexual health and relationships.

Pornhub is known for pornographic video sharing and is the largest pornography site online. Annually, the site has a record of 87.8 billion views on average. They have realized that with their great power in pornographic, they also have a big responsibility to all of their viewers and followers around the world.

Just recently, Pornhub has launched their sexual wellness center. It was described by a press release as an online resource that is aiming to offer information and advice to its readers in terms of sexuality, relationships and sexual health.

As based on report from menshealth, the wellness site will be free just like its Pornhub. It will feature contents based on an assortment of topics directly from the experts. The site will be managed by a registered therapist and psychologist from Quebec, Laurie Betito.

 "Think of us as a one-stop shop, available 24/7, to facilitate your needs, be it comprehensive information regarding STIs and safe sex, the latest in sex tech or advice on how to approach a friends with benefits arrangement," a statement from the Vice President of Pornhub, Corey Price.

Almost sixty percent of the streaming site's viewers are below 35. Somehow there will be concerns about proper sexual education. As reported on nymag, the launching of the site is to put firm on Pornhub's dedication in providing people a reliable platform of education.

The said site with Pornhub is now featuring "What Happens at Play Parties?" posts as well as top erotic positions for the lesbians and what is consent. With the content that will be posted on the site, many questions will be answered. It may seem to be skewed to younger viewers, but it will definitely provide helpful assistance most especially to people who have some sexual or emotional concerns. This is the different side of Pornhub that is certainly doing a great job.

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