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Risk To Marijuana Users: Molds And Bacteria Were Found On Samples From Twenty Dispensaries

Feb 10, 2017 02:13 AM EST


Instead of experiencing euphoria from the recreational use of Marijuana, a health risk warning was raised regarding the use of the herb. The use warning came from researchers at UC Davis as they have identified lethal mold and bacteria on marijuana herb samples taken from 20 Northern California Dispensaries.

According to The Cannabist, George Thompson a microbiologist has advised marijuana users most especially those who have a weak immune system to refrain from using the controversial herb.  Immune- compromised patients suffering from leukemia, AIDS, and cancer patients may worsen and may increase the risk for lung infections.

Thompson revealed that patients with weak immune system should avoid eating raw fruits, vegetables and other fruits as they may incur infections and diseases caused by bacteria and molds. Patients that are being treated with marijuana are those with sickness that affects and worsen the weak immune system and thus, they should refrain from using cannabis.

The raised warning regarding the use of medical marijuana does not apply considering to the vast number of users. Sacramento Bee revealed that people with weak immune system should try to avoid unwashed raw food for they may be contaminated with harmful bacteria and fungi. Raw herb marijuana is never an exemption to this practical rule.

The study regarding the possible contaminated marijuana began several years ago after a patient died. The patient was under Dr. Joseph Tuscano's care. The patient suffered severe lung infection from using medical marijuana to treat leukemia. This event has triggered Tuscano to have extensive study regarding medical marijuana.

With the analysis of the samples from the different dispensaries, multiple kinds of bacteria and fungi were linked to serious lung infections. Even if the medical marijuana is purchased from dispensaries the cleanliness and safety is not assured. The transmission of the bacteria is very evident most especially if cannabis is taken as vapor or a smoke for this causes a direct bacterial or fungal inoculation to the lungs.

The marijuana warning use raised by the research team especially tackles the effect of medical marijuana as a vapor causing lung infections. Medical marijuana comes in different forms which is more safer to use including; lotions, sprays, tinctures, and suppositories. 

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