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Google Chrome Extends Treats To Web Users With WebVR For Android Devices

Feb 14, 2017 12:41 AM EST


As the simple token of gratitude, Google successfully added browsing capability into a VR platform. The availability is made possible via Google Chrome on Android devices thru WebVR to Chrome app.

Socpedia reported, that this WebVR to Google Chrome has the capability to transform an ordinary browser into a VR or Virtual Reality. Additionally, Google Chrome users can now attain full VR compatibility if the Android device is already a Daydream Tool or Viewer-ready. The platform is user-friendly and in just a few easy to follow procedures the WebVR can be activated on Android devices.

Android users should proceed to WebVR enabled site in Google Chrome to activate the platform. Next, is to connect their VR device using the headphone jack and make sure everything is working. Meanwhile, if the Android device is already packed with a Daydream Tool or Viewer, the VR capability will automatically open in their gadget.

The WebVR to Google Chrome capability is made possible with "VR Shell" feature. The "VR Shell" allows the use of mobile device headphones in browsing to other WebVR sites even if it does not have a Daydream Tool. However, at the moment, VR browsing is still incapable to not-WebVR sites, but Google promised to work on it very soon.

As foreseen, this WebVR in Google Chrome will then give the idea to developers to create new sites that are VR supported, according to Pocket-lint. If this is made possible, VR users can enjoy watching and viewing from their Android devices. Ever since bringing VR experience is what Google always dreamed of for their users.

There's more because recently, a Google Chromium specialist, Francois Beaufort posted in his Google Plus account a recent update on their team. Beaufort said that they are currently working more and more features to effectively enhanced the WebVR capability. "The development team of Google Chrome is just starting to bring VR to the web, and there's a lot more to come!"

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