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A Brief Description About AMD's New Zen and Ryzen Architecture by CPU guru David Kanter

Feb 14, 2017 01:42 AM EST

 An HP Spectre XT laptop computer featuring an Intel Ultrabook processor is displayed during the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2012 consumer electronics trade fair on August 31, 2012 in Berlin.
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This year is going to be a massive year for AMD users. AMD is releasing its Zen Architecture soon with the release of the Ryzen CPU lines which is striking all over the internet now.This new line will compete with Intel's core processor particularly the seventh generation of core line Kaby Lake and it may take down to the other processors as well.

Competition is not over yet, the penalty of opinions and a fair amount of controversy brewing over that how Ryzen will compete with Intel's Kaby Lake and which would be better, particularly for high-end especially among gamers.

According to David Kanter from Real World Technologies one of most reputable opinions about processors. He wrote a depth overview of the Zen architecture and the Ryzen chips in a new microprocessor report.

If we focused on the report it can be said that David Kanter compared Zen and Ryzen to Intel's sixth-generation Skylake processors but the general discussion about AMD latest event. There are lots of opinions and lots of discussion like weakness, strength, and architecture, David Kanter is the most experienced person in this field and a better source than most.

The flagship of AMD processor will be an eight-core desktop CPU clocked at 3.4GHz+ with 16 threads. According to game debate, this new generation of the family of desktop CPU has two different caches, 16MB L3 Cache and 4MB L2 Cache.

The question of whether Intel or AMD is faster or better or more cost-effective is a complex one and the story is still out on Zen and Ryzen. Another question may arise in your mind that which kind of processor you're talking about, desktop, server, notebook, or where in those general categories you're looking on, the low-end or high-end.

For further details about AMD Ryzen where it has improved or where it remains behind of Intel's Core processor then David Kanter reports and the video below which is more accurate and reliable for better understanding.

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