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India Beats China As Worst Air-Polluted Country On Earth

Feb 15, 2017 02:53 AM EST


India has now the world's worst air pollution. They have beaten China in it. Specifically, it is New Delhi, India's capital that has the worst air pollution on Earth.

Industrialization, coal-fired power plants, and a low regulation has made the air pollution in India so much worst. Technology Review has reported that there have been 1.1 million deaths recorded last year due to air pollution in India. The country has been tied with China as having deadly air pollution. India's rapid industrialization, too much use of coal for energy, growing population, and an aging populace that is affected by air pollution are the factors why there are many deaths.

According to Quartz India, there are as many Chinese people as Indians that are killed annually because of the polluted air. However, China is changing its course unlike India, explained a study conducted by Health Effects Institute in Boston and the Seattle-based Institute of Health Metrics. India's pre-mature death has risen while China's is steadily decreasing. Developed countries like the United States and some European countries have passed strict rules and regulations that control the air pollution in their respective countries.

China is now doing the same. There were laws that were passed to remove old vehicles that emit more pollution than the new ones. China has also created more public transportation that will lessen private car use. Scientist said India should move now and do something about its air pollution. Though India is not the sole country that has this problem, air-pollution should be regulated by the government.

There are reports that even though industrialization is upping India's GDP, it is being decreased by less work days and more welfare use. Since India is aiming to be more economically independent, it should work on its environmental issues like air pollution first. Indian government should pass laws to stop the increase of deaths.

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