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Thanks To Virtual Reality: Now You Can Explore Underwater Without Getting Killed By A Shark

Feb 16, 2017 06:36 AM EST


Virtual Reality or VR is the latest technology that has taken the world by storm. From video games to experimental videos, VR is changing our perception of reality and entertainment.

A number of companies are incorporating VR in their devices and one such tech start-up, Hiberlab, just recently introduced a Virtual Reality tool to give users a life-like underwater experience of the coral reefs. According to The Straits Times, the Virtual Reality device named "Eyes on Habitat: Coral Reefs" is developed by Hiberlab, a VR content Production Company based in Singapore.

"Eyes on Habitat: Coral Reefs" is developed to help the marine biologists and reef-monitoring volunteers train better. Working in collaboration with environmental consultancy DHI Water and Environment and Infocom Media Development Authority's Pixel Labs, Hiberlab has come up with this latest device which was unveiled on 15th February at the National Design Centre in Bugis.

A prototype of the Virtual Reality device "Eyes on Habitat: Coral Reefs" was presented at the event. Its users will be able to explore the marine life around the coral reefs of the Sisters' Islands while diving in Virtual Reality. They will also be enriched with knowledge about the marine organisms present along the reef and also face quizzes to test their knowledge level.

"Eyes on Habitat: Coral Reefs" the Virtual Reality device will help students to learn various scientific methods used to assess and monitor the reefs. It will also enable them to develop their monitoring and identification skills of the marine life before they can go on real dives.

According to Channel News Asia, developers of the Virtual Reality device "Eyes on Habitat: Coral Reefs" have overcome the limited visibility that is usually experienced in the sea waters in and around Singapore that causes problems in underwater communication which is dependent on visual cues and hand gestures.

The Virtual Reality prototype of "Eyes on Habitat: Coral Reefs" was developed after five months of research. Hiberlab also revealed that it is looking to create a platform where 3D scans and photos of coral reefs can be sourced by the public to the marine biologists, non-government organizations and coral reef divers. This material will be helpful in exploring more coral reefs around the world and can also be used to educate people via programs and workshops based on the data collected.

The Virtual Reality device "Eyes on Habitat: Coral Reefs" is already becoming popular among its users. The Prototype will be available next month for public demonstration at the Pixel Labs, the National Design Centre, and the Jurong Regional Library.

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