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Ice Age Period: 5,300-year-old Iceman’s Last Meal Is Goat ‘Bacon’

Feb 16, 2017 03:05 AM EST


Otzi the 5,300-year-old iceman had something similar to bacon for his last meal. Scientists have found the dried fatty goat 'bacon' in his stomach after dissecting it.

Not only people today have apparently love bacon. This characteristic has started, at least, from the Copper Age. Otzi, the mummified Copper Age man has had it for his last meal. Mail Online has reported that after researchers have used hi-tech, non-invasive diagnostics and genomic sequencing to penetrate his mysterious past, they found a venison and ibex meat in his stomach.

After so many researches about Otzi, scientists have also found that the Copper age man was 46 when he died. He was about 1.60 meters or five foot, three inches tall and weighed 50 kilos or 110 pounds. Otzi also is lactose intolerant and might have suffered stomach pains because of an ulcer-inducing bacterium. Otzi's death was something anyone would want. Scientists have found out that he died because of an arrow to his rib cage that penetrated a major blood vessel and a laceration on his hand.

They also think that his death was due to another tribe killing him. According to Business Insider, many years after the Copper Age, Otzi was found at the Oetztal Alps, 3,210 meters (10,500 feet) above sea level. He was also named after the place he was found from. In 1991, two German hikers saw the well preserved Iceman on the ice.

Researchers have also used CT scans to replicate Otzi's voice. Otzi's voice was really deep as the replica sounds. Though scientists do not know Otzi's language, they have effectively rebuilt the mummy's vocal cords, throat, and mouth. They have also extracted the Copper Age man from his icy grave and found out he wore clothes made of sheep, goat and cow skin and has 61 tattoos on his body that were made of a mixture of charcoal and herbs.

Listen to his voice below.

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