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‘Apple-Shaped’ Body Predisposes Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes

Feb 16, 2017 11:21 AM EST


Researchers have proved that genetic storage of fats in the belly that causes an "apple-shaped" body can predispose the risk of diabetes and heart disease.  The study conducted proved that genetic make-up may reflect health problems.

According to New Vision, the link of belly fat or "apple-shaped" body to type 2 diabetes and heart disease was studied. However, the cause and effect of the link between the factor and the consequence were not extensively provided. For further investigation, the researchers were able to examine six studies that were conducted from 2007 to 2015. Four thousand participants whose genomes were analyzed were also included.    

Recent research proved genetic risk score from the identification of 48 gene variants linked to waist-to-hip ratio. Scientists found out that people with a high waist-to-hip ratio or "apple-shaped" body possess higher lipids, glucose, insulin and high systolic blood pressure.  The increase in the rate of these body aspects reflects a higher risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

As reported by Daily Mail, identifying one's waist-to-hip ratio can be a new screening test for life-threatening illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, people with "apple-shaped" body are also at risk of insulin intolerance that makes it harder for the body system to metabolize sugar into energy.

For people who has "apple-shaped" body figure, the belly fat clogs and wraps around the body's essential organs. Thus, some essential body functions are also altered. Hormones and other chemicals are produced which tamper blood pressure and insulin-mediated substances such as cholesterol and blood sugar. Altogether, the risk of the issue causes health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Furthermore, researchers have not discovered any relationship between body type, genetic risk score, and other factors such as diet and smoking. Therefore, abdominal adiposity, belly fat or "apple-shaped" body alone is a risk factor for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The researchers hope that this discovery could enable them to invent a drug that could eliminate body fat to lower the morbidity of the life-threatening disease.

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