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What Are The Insects That Can Crawl Inside Your Body And What To Do If It Happens

Feb 16, 2017 06:41 PM EST


If you like viral news chances are you already saw the video of a doctor pulling a cockroach from between a woman's eyes. The viral video shows the very graphic scene of the insect wriggling through the flesh before being pulled out.

This incident happened in India and National Geographic reports that M.N Shankar from Stanley Medical College Hospital confirmed that he was the one who filmed the extraction that happened. The cockroach apparently got into the woman's nose while she was sleeping.

While it may seem unreal, there are reports that incidents like this have happened in the past and roaches are not the only insect that can get into our bodies. Here are the other creatures that can get into our bodies, and the answer to an even more important question: how do they get there?

The most common insects to get into our bodies are of course roaches. The incident of the woman in India was actually an unusual case, as most of the time, roaches actually found to have traveled through the ear. Apparently, they see earwax as food.

But Coby Schal, an entomologist from North Carolina State University says that the creatures are not really interested in humans, meaning they are not parasites. And there was never an incident when a roach entered while a person is awake.

The leech is another creature that can enter inside our bodies, but what's worse about the leech is that it can enter through the usual parts like eyes and ears, but they can also use the rectum or vagina. Flies can also do this, and they even hatch maggots on a human's body, including the eye and rectum.

If this ever happens to you, don't panic. Such incidents do not result to brain damage as the worst you can get is an infection. Just go to the hospital to get it taken cared of. One good thing to do though is to clean up your place to avoid infestation in your area. Also, don't believe every viral video you see about insects, as some of them have actually been fabricated.

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