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Food Color Is As Important As Taste

Feb 17, 2017 03:00 AM EST


Market strategists have included color as one of the factors that affects consumer decision making into buying commodities. Consumers also base flavor of food and drinks to color.

90% of buyers make decision after seeing the color and their perceived taste of the product, according to a study by Emerald Insights. Food Dive has reported that recently, people don't want that much artificial color in the beverages and food. They want to see the real color of the product they are going buy. Producers are stressing to find the perfect color for their product just to get the eyes of consumer to it.

Many people have associated lime with green, while lemon with yellow. Consumers also always thought that orange is for orange, red for apple or strawberry then blue for bubble gum or other else. According to Food Business News, color psychology has a huge effect to it. People have an instant reaction when they see a specific color. For example, the color white, such as soya, has a calming effect.

Meanwhile, the color yellow is linked to happiness and increasing energy. Other drinks like water, which is clear in color, give a refreshing effect. Manufacturers and marketing strategists really think about the color they would put into their products because of these. Sometimes, they are even more important than the flavor and the taste of the product itself.

Color red, purple and orange have the highest appeal to people. They have the same color as natural plants and food that is why people are more drawn into them, said Emina Goodman, beverage and dairy technical service manager, Sensient Colors, a division of Sensient Technologies, and based in St. Louis. "In many ways, color is more important than the actual flavor with beverages," she added.

Color also tells the consumer if the product is mostly natural. Like milk, colored waters are in the trend because they only have a hint of color of what they are flavored into. 

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