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Nokia 3310 Latest Update: A Super Solid Gadget With Battery Life That Will Last 260 Hours Standby Time And 4 Hours 30 Minutes Talk Time

Feb 17, 2017 03:05 AM EST

The iconic mobile phone with long battery life, durable casing, and stunning efficiency which was entirely famous 17 years ago is the Nokia 3310. This mobile phone from Nokia has turned out to be popular among mobile phone users because of its durability. Different to mobile phones from today with buff upgrades and touch screens, Nokia fan will have the chance to encounter the new 3310 again because it will have its rebound this February 26.

 Nokia 3310 will have a relaunch and come back during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. An advanced or modern version for Nokia 3310 is presently prepared by HMD Global, a Finnish company that now makes Nokia mobile phones, says Business Insider. Nokia 3310 will be launched together with other Nokia mobile phones during the MWC 2017 event in Barcelona. Furthermore, Evan Blass, the famous online leaker on Twitter, indicates that the unbelievable handset from 17 years back will be reintroduced as a form of commemoration.

There are two reasons why fanatics loved the Nokia 3310 and it's not a secret. To begin with, the handset is super solid. Regardless of how often it tumbles to the ground, the gadget will most likely still be functional. As indicated by Gadgets360, it is named as the "almost" indestructible mobile phone. Second, the battery life of the telephone can last 260 hours standby time, and 4 hours and 30 minutes talk time. The battery is just 1000mAh and the new Nokia 3310 is said to come back with an improved variant of itself. So fans and supporters and even clients wanting to purchase this incredible handset will see the most recent developments amid the dispatch at MWC on February 26.

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