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The New iPhone May Ditch The Home Button In favor Of 'virtual Buttons'

Feb 20, 2017 12:09 AM EST

Apple iPhone 8 - Future Screen: Concept Trailer (2016) - Full HD
(Photo : Armend/ You Tube Screenshot) Apple was granted a patent, numbered 14/817328, that could make future iPhones touch-sensitive in all angles.

Apple was given a patent, numbered 14/817328, that could make future iPhones touch-sensitive in all angle. The patent recommends that iPhone plans to send touchable and scrollable sensors on the sides and even the rear of future designs.

In a record from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the science fiction sounding term "quantum tunnel" was utilized to describe a material that can replace the current physical buttons. Rather, iPhone is working at touch controls that could work in about any surface.

Apple request for the patent in 2015 yet held the secretive nature of the design. It is just a week ago that USPTO granted the approval. A similar patent applies not only for future iPhones but rather wearable gadgets also despite the fact that quantum tunneling material to be utilized for the latter should be either curved or bendable to contain the iWatch.

In specialized point of view, quantum tunneling utilizes materials and electrons sensitive to touch commands. While experts recommend that there could be a touch-sensitive "plate" on the back of future iPhones, it is also conceivable that the innovation can be incorporated into the mobile phone itself.

In Apple's specialized description, they plan to send two layers of touch-sensitive materials on top of each other. These plates have an element electrical resistance that reacts in an unexpected way, depending upon the force of touch being applied.

What could be the essential recipient of early quantum tunneling is Apple's EarPod replacing the control button panel. There are signs that the current iPhone toyed with the idea when they sent a mock earphone jack, however in the end ditch the outline completely.

Not to get anxiously excited, Mashable said that quantum tunneling is probably not going to occur for the forthcoming iPhone 8. A similar investigation put the plan as theoretical for the present until Apple declares that they are as of now working at it. It is also not clear what material is as of now accessible to achieve the quantum tunneling effect.

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