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Cold VS. Allergies Mislead Caused By Season: How To Tell The Difference Through The Eyes

Feb 23, 2017 01:23 AM EST

Is it a Common Cold or Allergies?
(Photo : Paul Cochrane/Youtube) Is it a Common Cold or Allergies?

People are having a hard time telling the difference of the two. In the drastic change of season, this should be managed.

To give proper medication for something that causes sneezing and headache, proper information should come first. Both cold and allergies are seen to be caused by weather transition from hot to cold weather, spring to winter, and so on.

What caused colds and allergies most are the fluctuation of temperatures due to the transition of weather condition around. Keri Peterson, M.D. identifying cold from allergies are really confusing for people, thus wrong medication is given, Self reported.

Sometimes, the confusion leads to ideas that a person might be suffering from flu or sinus. Meanwhile, Doctor Peterson stated that it was "itchy eyes" which gives the difference between the cold and allergies. Only people who are experiencing allergies have their eyes itchy.

Sometimes, itchy eyes are accompanied by itchy throat or ears. Otherwise, if a person is experiencing a low-grade fever, swollen glands, body aches and sore throat, that are the symptoms of common cold. These symptoms from cold are not present in allergies.

Another known distinction between cold and allergies is the duration period. Typically, cold does not last more than 10 days, while allergies can persist for months. Additionally, there are seasonal allergies that bloom only at the same time of the year, which are prevalent on winter and fall.

Meanwhile, a data reported by Medical Daily, there are more than 50 million Americans who suffered from allergies yearly. While the count of Americans with colds are over one billion people.

When people could distinguish common cold and allergies, it will be easier to give the proper prescription and treatment. It is because, when a wrong medication was given to the person who suffered from cold or allergies, the situation might last for long.

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