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Eclipse MegaMovie Project: Google And University Of California In Berkeley Crowdsource

Feb 23, 2017 03:29 AM EST


Google and the University of California at Berkeley are starting to crowdsource images for their mega movie project. The mega movie project is going to feature the solar eclipse that will cross the U.S.

Google and University of California at Berkeley are already looking for amateur astronomers and photographers that want to give their captured images of the solar eclipse, Berkeley News reported. They are looking for one thousand individuals who are interested in joining. The said mega movie will document and record every move of the solar eclipse. It will be put into a high definition mega movie. In the process, scientists can learn about the sun too.

In their website, it reads "Join us in this first-of-its-kind citizen science project, gathering scientifically valuable data from the total solar eclipse that will traverse North America on August 21, 2017." They are encouraging people to join. In the same website, it said that their goal is to make a time-expanded video of the solar eclipse. Since the solar eclipse will be crossing North America and Northwest, it is finding for people who are near the place or who are able to go there.

According to Global Times, people are only going to witness not more than three minutes of the said solar eclipse. However, with this mega movie project, people are going to see the whole transition of the moon's travel. Google and University of California at Berkeley will put together the collected images from the people who volunteer and signed up. They will be from different points that the eclipse is totally seen.

The said movie is going to be two hours long. Any interested individual should go to their page and sign in. the last time this kind of project was made was in the 1800s and no camera was used, it was drawn by hands. Since technology is super advance compared to that, this is going to be better.

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