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Oppo Offers New World's First 5x Dual-Camera Using Periscope Technology

Feb 28, 2017 01:31 AM EST


Oppo uses the periscope style technology on its camera innovation. It's the world's first 5x dual camera zoom for lossless zoom.

 Aside from new products, the Mobile World Congress 2017 event had been a gateway for Oppo to reveal its innovation. With the mark of dual-cameras' popularity, Oppo had managed to build a 5x dual-camera lossless zoom system for smartphones.

With the use of two sensors and an additional zoom mechanism in periscope technology, the new 5x dual camera has been developed. According to Engadget, the concept basically came from the feature compact digital cameras applied to smartphones.

To note, ZenFone Zoom from Asus last year has applied the concept from digital cameras but for only minimal zoom capability. Meanwhile, Oppo does not reveal any specific date when the 5x dual-camera will be marketed, Pocket-Lint reported.Reports claim that Oppo's next smartphone flagship will eventually feature the 5x dual-cameras.

With the contribution of periscope technology, the Oppo 5x dual-camera lossless zoom will allow a user to further zoom from things. This will include zooming on the variety of subjects and landscapes without inhibition that the image will be blurred.

Additionally, the periscope technology concept of using a prism to take light and enter the camera is a huge benefit. With this, the user can zoom in on an object and provide digital zoom up to 5x. Also, Oppo has implemented optical image stabilization to the telephoto lens despite using a wide angle.

This 5x dual camera lossless zoom from Oppo's design requires a camera module of 5.7mm thick. With such small spaces, which is usually on super slim smartphones today the 5x dual cameras can be used.

Even though the zoom lens is in 5x dual camera rate, which is greater than the typical 2x optical zoom, it does not require too much thickness. Oppo has been renowned for its incredible smartphone models, and now, the contribution of the 5x dual camera can add further known features from the company

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