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Apple iWatch Release Date, Rumors, Features & Price: 3 Different Models on the Way?

Jul 17, 2014 08:47 PM EDT

Apple iWatch
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Apple remains silent on the release of the upcoming iWatch smartwatch, but rumors still are swirling about the device. It is being rumored that there will be three different models of the iWatch.

The rumors also say there will be two different sizes of the iWatch: a 1.6-inch and a 1.8-inch (two different choices). The highest-price 1.8-inch model will reportedly use sapphire glass as well.

Sapphire glass is the durable glass that is almost impossible to break. The next iPhone may use this type of glass too.

It looks like the first iWatch to be released will be the 1.6-inch version and the two 1.8-inch models will come later.

Reports have said that the iWatch could be delayed until November, but the Economic Daily (in Chinese) reports that all three models will come out in the third quarter of this year.

The latest rumors of the three different models of the iWatch make no mention to the 2.5-inch model that Reuters reported.

Rumored Features

The iWatch will have sensors to detect steps walked and possibly a heartrate monitor as well.

It will likely utilize LG and Samsung batteries for the devices. They are reported to be testing two 100mAh batteries with wireless charging capabilities.

Expectations are that it will have a "full iOS" and not just a "lite version" of the iOS found on iPhones and iPads.

Some tasks performed on the iWatch will need to be paired with another iOS device (an iPhone or an iPad) while some can be done independently.


The price is unknown for the iWatch, but expect it to be a little higher than the current smartwatches out there. Analysts at Morgan Stanley told Business Insider that the device could sell for $300.

One thing that could help the price come down on the iWatch is through health insurance subsidies 9to5Mac says. Since the device will be able to track valuable health information, health insurance companies could give a discount to their members for purchasing it.

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