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NASA, EPA Counter Attack The Speeding Process of Global Warming On Earth

Mar 02, 2017 10:59 AM EST

Global Warming
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Global warming is speeding up. On the contrary, NASA and EPA are on its plans to at least decrease the effect.

NASA is on its way of sending a robot to the sun. People's Weather reported that even though the mission is very dangerous, the agency is willing to take the risk. The goal of the NASA's mission is to help understand excessive solar activity that might threated the Earth.

In this way, the Earth could be protected from huge harmful effects of solar energy like global warming. The mission is called Solar Probe Plus or SPP, wherein for the first time, a spacecraft will go near the sun's surface seven times closer than before.

Scientists on this mission believes that not until the sun is understand up close, its activities cannot be predicted or even prevented. It will continue to raise harmful radiations and harsh global warming. The mission will launch next year and today, everything is almost done.

On the other hand, Scott Pruitt, administrator from the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA made a promise to made regulations for climate change caused by global warming and water pollution. According to Carbon Brief Staff, the focus of EPA are the audience of Maryland, after the people completely disbanded the environmental regulations.

Even though, EPA is just focus on its small city concern, that would still be a great part contribution for global warming problem. With the help of the two agencies, global warming and climate change could be given prioritize.

Meanwhile, the Arctic of Greenland is now on its critical condition after several reports of ice melting were recorded. Global wearing is the main cause why the "nature's clock" speeds up causing harm to all living things in the Arctic and soon on Earth.

In the Arctic, the "nature's clock" is emerging really fast and the blocks of ice and glaciers are the first affected. Global warming is indeed unstoppable, but if the mission of NASA and goal of the EPA would be spread worldwide, the "nature's clock" can be returned to normal.

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