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No More Cats Vs. Dogs Fight In India: Leopards, Tigers, and Dholes Coexist With Less Conflict

Mar 03, 2017 03:08 AM EST

Wild Cats and Wild Dogs
(Photo : NaturalWorldSafaris/Youtube) Wild Cats and Wild Dogs

Researchers found in India's mountains that cats and dogs can be mutual. Wild dogs and leopards can still coexist and be mutual.

Basically, cats and dogs whether big or small species always fight upon seeing each other. One another would like to defend its territory as well as compete for their prey.

However, with the use of non-invasive cameras to record the interaction of wild cats and wild dogs, researchers were able to find out a surprising mutual interaction between the two animals, Mail Online reported. Big cats and dogs in India were found in the study getting along with each other in a mutual benefit.

Even though both animals are carnivorous, the cats and dogs were able to developed adaptations to co-exist and eat the same prey. The proof was taken by the dozens of cameras spread by the Wildlife Conservation Society or WCS in the mountains of Western Ghats in India.

The big cats and dogs are specifically tigers, leopards, and dholes. According to Wbur's The Wild Life, all of the four forested reserves in the region showed the same interaction of the big cats and dogs. The three species were living in a "side by side with surprisingly little conflict."

The co-existence interaction of the big cats and dogs are all due to the Judicious Avoidance. For instance, in the reserves where prey is very abundant, the dholes take the lead of prey hunting during the day. Moreover, the big dogs or dholes, avoid contact with the big cats in all ways. Similarly, the leopards are actively avoiding the tigers.

WCS Director for Science in Asia and lead author of the study, Ullas Karanth said," The wild cats and dogs are doing a delicate dance in these protected areas." It seems that these wild animals are also managing their ways in order for all of them to survive. If possible, they are trying to give way for one another in the small isolated nature.

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