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'Microsoft Surface Phone 2017' Latest News and Updates: Release Date, Price, Specs & Microsoft's Last Resort

Mar 03, 2017 07:36 PM EST

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017
(Photo : Upcoming Smartphone Review/Youtube) Microsoft Surface Phone 2017

Just like Surface Pro 5, the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is long-awaited. Get to know the latest price, specs and release date.

With the great competition on mobile and smartphones, Microsoft was not so lucky enough to catch the big fish. Up to this moment, the company is struggling to acquire the best market share they could have. Unfortunately, the big chance of the company to get the trophy might depend on the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017.

Trusted Reviews reported, Google and Apple since then had been dominating the industry for smartphones. However, Microsoft is still trying its best to break the record if possible with its Surface Phone 2017 upcoming product.

 It may seem very difficult because there are other manufacturers like Huawei and LG that are against the market competition. Due to this dilemma, Microsoft would need to launch a very effective smartphone like Surface Phone 2017 as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, reports claim that the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 would be released in the first half of 2017. The price would eventually start at $699 up to $1,100.

Meanwhile, according to PC Advisor, the upcoming flagship of the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 could have a 5.5 AMOLED display. More so, if possible, it would be powered by Intel or either Snapdragon 835 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and a 128 GB storage capacity with an expandable microSD slot.

Moreover, it is said that the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 would have a display with a 1440 x 2560 pixels in Quad-HD resolution. Its camera is said to be on its powerful 21MP rear facing a camera and an 8MP front-facing a camera. Plus, it could also come with a USB-C port and a Surface Pen.

However, it was the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017's operating system which gives an issue. It is because, in order for the company to stand from the others, it should convert an already invested iOS and Android users into Windows users. This part brings the most difficult part than marketing the device and adding great specs and features.

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