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Vitamins vs Herbal Supplements: Which Is More Worthy Of A Daily Dose

Mar 03, 2017 09:00 PM EST


Herbal Supplements is to botanical ingredients as vitamins is to essential body precursors, these could be the main difference between the two.  The two are commonly taken as a daily dose either to maintain or avoid any kinds of sickness. However, which is more effective, beneficial and worth-buying?

According to Food and Drug Administration in United States, there is such as product regarded as "dietary supplements" wherein it is intended to supplement the diet and contains one or more dietary ingredients. Dietary supplement is therefore a combination of both herbal supplement and vitamins.

Dietary supplement may include; vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, and other substances found in other enzymes such as enzymes. Furthermore, according to WebMD, the FDA regards dietary supplements as a food rather than a medicine. Compared to drug manufactures, the producers of these supplements are not required to prove the safety and effectiveness of the products.

In selecting what should be included in a person's daily dose whether it is a vitamin or herbal supplement depends on many factors. If the person has already consumed a lot of grains, vegetables, and fruits herbal supplement is not needed. On the other hand if the person has already consumed a lot of protein, meat, liver and other organs vitamins is not needed.

In order to achieve a definite outcome, a person can take both vitamin and herbal supplement but taking dietary supplement is most recommended since this contains both vitamins and herbs. An example of a dietary supplement may contain specific ingredients such as; Ginseng, B-Complex, Vitamin A, C, D and E. The common formulation involves a multivitamins together with an herb.

People should always take note that most herbal supplement are not intended to cure but only to supplement the diet, hence the term "supplement". Some vitamins have been linked in treatment and prevention. As such if a person is left between choices of herbal or vitamin supplement, the two can be taken but vitamins is more essential.

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