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Thai People Wants To Save Their ‘Green Lung’ Forest In Bangkok

Mar 05, 2017 11:55 PM EST

Thai Airforce cadets look at mobile phone images under a tree decorated for the Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 86th birthday after a celebration on December 5, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.
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In the middle of Bangkok's busy street, there is this nirvana in the middle. The 'green lung' or Bang Krachao is where Thai people go to when they are stressed, done with the city or just want to relax.

However, the Bang Krachao is in danger. The city developers are planning to buy the lands from the locals to build condominiums, buildings, factories and other infrastructure. The Star Online has reported that Bang Krachao is a man-made island in the middle of river Chao Praya River formed by the bend of a canal. When looked at Google maps, it is much seen clearly as it is the only green place in the full gray and cemented city.

Since prices of lands are super high these days, especially in the busy cities, some of its residents are fighting the investors as many others need the money investors are offering. One resident, Supi Saengta, 62, is thinking of selling her land. "I feel bad to sell it but my aunt is ill. She needs the money to take care of her health," she said. Saengta has lived her whole life in Bangkok's 'Green Lung' but is now willing to sell her family's 6400-square-metre plot of land, which could fetch 24 million baht.

This issue does not only affect Bang Krachoa but whole other areas too. When buildings and other infrastructure will be built, the water system and canals will be blocked. Many other people will be affected too. Though this is happening, Bangkok Thailand has been cleaning up their city, Aljazeera stated. They were once one of the worst cities when it comes to pollution but after the government and the people worked together for it, they are slowly achieving a cleaner Bangkok.

Moreover, there are many powerful people who want the same thing to happen. Thailand's late king has wished to preserve the Green Lung. His daughter, the princess, will be granting his wish and will preserve Bang Krachao up to future generations.

Other people are helping too. They are thinking of making Bang Krachao an urban farmland in the middle of the city. Some people are suggesting that they strengthen the tourism of the place. That would be possible as one hotel which operates through solar power has been built five kilometers away from it. However, in the end, people's want and the government's cooperation is what will keep it green.

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