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Gut Bacteria Can Change Brain Function Even Behavior, Study Finds As Potential Cure For Autism

Mar 05, 2017 07:11 AM EST


Gut bacteria do influence human digestion and metabolism. Meanwhile, the recent study shows that that gut bacteria also affects the human brain.

Latest research conducted by the McMaster University found out that it's not only the intestine being affected by the gut bacteria but also the brain. David Peal Mutter reported the recent study from the journal Gastroenterology. The study mentioned how gut bacteria plays the significant role in human's behavior.

According to The Atlantic, not only the gut is affected by the bacteria, hence in a recent study, it showed that the bacteria can further reach the human brain. The bacteria are known as "Microbiome," and scientists believe that this bacteria could play a crucial role in autism, depression, disorders and anxiety.

Gastroenterologist from the University of California, Los Angeles, Emeran Mayer has been studying the connections of the bacteria on a human brain. For instance, his study on autism has partly concluded that three-quarters of people with the disease suffer from gastrointestinal abnormality.

Thus, Mayer's study led other scientists to be curious about the connection of gut microbes or bacteria and autism. Meanwhile, a study conducted by Dr. Kristen Tillisch an associate professor in two universities revealed how probiotics milk product or those with non-fermented milk affects the brain activity when emotionally challenged.

The study revealed the same result on how the gut bacteria perform a major role in the brain. The same study in mice with symptoms similar to autism showed the same result. When the mice were treated, the result showed how the animals had improved their behavior.

As a result, the mice showed less repetitive behavior, less anxious and were able to communicate with other mice. The same results were what the scientists aim to derive for patients with brain and behavioral problems. Therefore, how the microbes interact in the gut and affect the brain still remains a mystery, but is expected to lead to cure on brain disorders.

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