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Google Chrome Update Brings Added Malware Protection For Mac Owners

Mar 05, 2017 07:10 AM EST

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(Photo : Full Speed PC / You Tube Screenshot) Chrome for MacOS will get enhanced malware protection in order to ensure safe browsing.

There is some great news for Mac clients that like to use Google Chrome for surfing the Internet rather than Safari. Google's "Safe Browsing" will expand its malware protection of PCs running MacOS.

As indicated by Hot Hardware, Google is presently concentrating more on unwanted software and MacOS-specific malware. Among the most common misuse or abuse are manipulation of Chrome user settings and unwanted ad pop ups. When they download suspicious files or navigate to unsafe sites, clients of MacOS will begin to see more warnings.

Through the currently released Chrome Settings API for Mac, developers can be certain their clients maintain control of Chrome settings. In the expansion manifest, developers can change startup pages, home pages, and search providers. Different kinds of properties can be overruled and certain qualities can be adjusted in this program.

The only solution for making changes to Chrome settings on MacOS will be the Settings Overrides API. Changes to Chrome settings will be permitted only by extensions hosted in the Chrome Web Store. Beginning on Mar. 31, 2017, users will get warnings about any product that tries to change their Chrome settings without utilizing the API.

 Google has launched Safe Browsing in 2007, to defend or protect users from phishing attacks. From that point on, the product has developed to include protection of online dangers like social engineering attacks, unwanted software, and malware. As indicated by Google, its Safe Browsing feature right now protects 2 billion gadgets.

The company makes the free programming openly accessible to developers. As indicated by PC World, the Safe Browsing service is used by Google's web engine as well as by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The feature blocks users from getting to sites that host malicious software or code.

Google's Safe Browsing further gives an open transparent report that posts charts concerning the status of unsafe sites and malware detected by google in the past years. Users can use maps that demonstrate malware distribution and charts concerning notices to website admins. The site also displays the results of the individual checking or scanning process performed by various companies.

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