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Will SpaceX Bring The First Woman In Space

Mar 05, 2017 11:59 PM EST

 SpaceX Falcon9 rocket blasts off Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017 from the Kennedy Space Center.
(Photo : Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images)

SpaceX has announced last week that they will be bringing two unnamed persons to go to the moon. Its CEO, Elon Musk, did not reveal who those persons are but people have been guessing.

People have many guesses by now and one of them is SpaceX might bring the first woman in space and the moon. There are tons of other guesses like people from NASA and some random billionaires, Mashable reported. Though NASA has their own space explorations, they are not planning to bring astronauts into space; they do not have enough time for it. So, people are speculating that they might to along to SpaceX's spacecraft. On the other hand, some international random billionaire who wants to go to space is a big possibility too.

 There are also some people who think that SpaceX will bring James Cameron, the director of Titanic. Though Elon Musk clearly said it will not be a person related to Hollywood, people are still thinking it might be him. Another possible candidate is Richard Branson. Branson has his own commercial spaceflight program in Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit. Those two are not going to the moon so he might actually pay SpaceX for them to bring him to the moon.

Another possible candidate is Google co-founder and current president Sergey Brin. He has shelled out his own money tons of times for space explorations. He is also one of the people in Google who want the Google Lunar X Prize to happen.

SpaceX will use its Falcon Heavy rocket to bring the two paying individuals to the moon, Space has stated. The two individuals have paid a large sum of money just to get into space. The names of these two individuals will be revealed in the next days after their health tests are out. They have to be physically fit first before going to the moon.

It will be really a good idea if SpaceX can bring the first woman in space and to the moon. They will make many histories as the first commercial flight into space and the first company to bring a woman to the moon.

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