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Too Little Sleep Can Cause Obesity, Heart Disease And Diabetes

Mar 06, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Studies have proven time and time that an adult needs seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleep is not only important for someone's mood but for physical health too.

A research has found out that fewer hours of sleep is related to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression. Moreover, lack of sleep can trigger loss of memory. It can also change a person's hunger signals, affect the immune system and the individual's decision-making abilities said Health. Also, having sufficient sleep will give better mood and healthier look, research stated.

A person's mood might be because of his and her lack of sleep. If a person is easily irritated, fatigued and cannot focus, they might be lacking some sleep. One night of lack of sleep is fine, it will not affect a person but continuous nights will definitely affect that individual. NHS has listed the health benefits of sleeping in the right number of hours. Sleep can boost the immune system.

If someone is always getting flu and colds, that person might need some sleep. Another health benefit is getting fitter. Sleeping for seven to eight hours a day can increase a person's leptin, a chemical that signals if they're full or not. Next to the list is, improving mental health. People with anxiety disorder and depression have slept less than six hours a day, the study showed. Sleeping more will lower risk of getting them.

Sleeping can also lower the risk of getting diabetes. Sleep can also boost sex drive. Men and women who do not sleep much have lower libidos compared to those who do. Another benefit is it can increase fertility rate. One of the most important benefits of sleeping with the right amount is it will lower the risk of getting heart disease.

Getting back to regular and correct sleeping habit after disrupting it for long can be hard. It will take some time but it should be done so the person will be healthier than ever.

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