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iPhone 8 Home Button And Function Bar: Find Out How It Will Work In Apple's OLED Phone

Mar 07, 2017 02:08 AM EST


Home Button is the identity of Apple iPhones since 2007 and it will be now history with the new evolution of edge-to-edge display. There will be no home button in Apple iPhone 8 and many people wonder how it will work, here is the answer to their question.

The home button is an escape route to every app in iPhones. As written in MacRumors, its delicate components converge upon a recess in the phone's bezel. That's an area that could otherwise provide extra space for larger display, that too within the same handset profile. Rumours of iPhone 8 replacing the home button are supported by many leaks and reports.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's claim suggests that function bar is the main reason behind the reports of the display size of an OLED screen iPhone 8. The leaked images show the virtual home button sitting below the dock on the home screen in a separate dynamic space as shown in BGR.

Apple is planning big for its tenth-anniversary phone. Slowly the picture is getting clear what to expect from iPhone 8 and there are still six months before Apple unveils its flagship phone.

Apple could move the dock down with the home button in iPhone 8. If not, then Apple can add options for additional virtual icons like Bluetooth, Camera, Wi-Fi, Data connectivity or Siri. With the new OLED screen technology, the home button might remain visible even when the display is off.

Apple already introduced OLED Touch Bar in MacBook Pro 2017. It might introduce something similar to that in iPhone 8 as well and it makes sense.

This new home button will be very useful with a variety of options. Apple's new concept for iPhone 8 will be an evolution with OLED screen and edge-to-edge display. Apple has the ability to integrate fingerprint recognition technology into the display.

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