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Vince The White Rhino Mercilessly Slaughtered By Poachers Inside His Cage At A French Zoo

Mar 07, 2017 11:44 PM EST

Wildlife In Kruger National Park
(Photo : Dan Kitwood/Getty Images) LOWER SABIE, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08: Two White Rhinoceros lay in the shade in Krugar National Park on July 8, 2013 in Lower Sabie, South Africa. The Kruger National Park was established in 1898, and is South Africa's premier wildlife park, spanning an area of approximately 2 million hectares.

Some unidentified poachers have broken in the Thoiry Zoological Park in France overnight and killed a white rhino named Vince. Vince was found dead on March 7, without his horn. 

Vince, the white rhino, was shot three times in the head before its primary horn what cut off with a chainsaw. His secondary horn was only cut off partially. His caretaker is deeply sad because she is attached to him very much. The Thoiry Zoological Park is about 30 miles west of Paris and at the back of the compound of the African Animal Park Reserve, Telegraph reported.

Vince is just four years old and was born in the Netherlands in 2012 and was transferred toFrance in 2015. The entire staff of the zoo is enormously shocked by Vince's killing. The Thoiry zoo posted on their Facebook page about the matter, "This heinous act was carried out despite the presence of five members of the zoological staff living on site and surveillance cameras". Meanwhile, there were two other white rhinos living in Thoiry; Gracie, the 37 years old female rhino, and Bruno, 5 years old baby boy rhino. Both of them have escaped the massacre and are safe and sound, stated Washington Post.

Rhinoceros are very much in danger because of poachers. Poachers get their horns that are made of ivory to sell in Southeast Asia. There are approximately 21,000 rhinoceros living and most of them are in South Africa and Uganda. There are about 50 white rhinos in the wild. Their horns cost $54,000 on the black market in 2015.

The Chinese and Vietnamese rich people are the ones buying the horns. They are a sign of status for them. They are also 'a cancer-curing miracle drug' and an aphrodisiac, which are all non-sense because they were never proven to be scientifically true. The criminal groups would rather kill a rhinoceros than rob a bank that has much more strict security for the same amount of money.

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