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The biggest fear of several businesses in today's world is data loss. Not only is it capable of causing a company to lose customers, but it could also completely cripple a business. Unfortunately, cybercrime and data breaches are growing in notoriety. Consequently, it has become more important to protect all your data, including sales reports, employees' personal information, trade secrets, financial and other records. 

Interestingly, Microsoft Office 365 comes with several in-built options for backup. However, none of these backup options is set by default; they all require that you make an effort to activate them. 

We will now look at some in-built options available and third-party backup software for Microsoft Office 365. 


OneDrive is very similar to Google Drive. It is a cloud-based storage solution, which comes with backup options for Microsoft Office 365 users. Microsoft has explained that they backup every data in data centers, all of which are situated in several parts worldwide. To guarantee security, the backup you have made is replicated in two other data centers worldwide. This means that if one server crashes, you can still backup from another data center, guaranteeing data security. 

As earlier mentioned, this feature does not work by default. To use this feature, you have to activate it, then configure it in SharePoint online. 

There is another interesting advantage to using this backup option; when you delete data from the Recycle Bin, you can still access or recover the data within 93 days. In the case of a data breach that caused your data to delete itself mysteriously, you can recover them through this backup option. 


This is another popular option among Microsoft Office 365 users. With Exchange Online comes the Exchange Online Archiving Feature; this feature allows you to archive emails as many times as possible. This means that you are provided with unlimited space for archiving your chats. 

This feature also automatically expands when it notices a potential storage breach. For businesses or individuals who use shared mailboxes, you can also use this option. 

However, this feature is only available for premium users who did the Exchange Online Plan 1 and 2 subscriptions. 


It is safe enough to use Microsoft Office 365 in-built backup options. However, if you want features that would complement the ones you already have, it would be best you choose a third-party app. Third-party apps are a great choice because they offer recovery features that Microsoft Office in-built options do not offer. 

You can also back up individual folders, calendars, tasks, contacts, emails, and attachments with this third-party software. 


The level of backup that third-party software provides varies based on the organization creating the solution. However, Nakivo Backup & Replication offers Office 365 Backup solutions, which have proved productive to several businesses in the past. 

The backup software makes your data readily available, which means that you can access and recover your data anytime you want it. Also, it offers individual backup solutions options for OneDrive files, Exchanges mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, and so on. 

Furthermore, Nakivo offers stronger data safety, as past businesses and organizations have testified. 

Importantly, the backup software comes at ridiculously low prices. You can also message the engineering team at any time to lodge complaints or ask questions. 

The importance of data security in your Microsoft Office 365 and your business cannot be overemphasized. Make the right decision today.