Many children and even adults see science as dull, complicated, and only for specific people because it involves experiments, discovery, and exploration. Give your children modern scientific gifts and make them realize that science is cool, fun, and interesting!

Toys and other educational games can create an engaging dynamic that will inspire kids to learn and develop competencies and skills. Below are some of the modern games that can help guardians nurture a love of science by playing:

1. Bag of Giant Blocks

Today, there are mega blocks made from lightweight plastics and different colors that can be put together to build various structures. This is better than building blocks made of wood that are heavy and dangerous for kids with little hands. It encourages children's motor coordination.

2. 3D Play Carpet

There are online platforms today selling a 3D play carpet that improves the imagination of kids while playing. It has various designs with different sizes that you can choose from.

3. Alphabet Robots

A set of Alpha-bots can make reading and spelling fun for our kids. With just a few turns and twists, the letters can easily transform into action-figure robots.

Physics Science Kits

Besides the modern educational toys, we can give our children, physics science kits are also popular. Some of these kits include:

Shape Memory Kit

This kit uses nitinol which allows building systems that react to changes in temperature.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Nitinol Paper Clip

This experiment is included in the shape memory kit. It comes along with a nitinol crane and DIY spring elevator. It will show how a clip made with nitinol will deform on a hot surface and recover from its deformed shape. This is called the shape memory effect.

Non-Newtonian Liquids Kit

This set is devoted to studying the physical properties of non-Newtonian liquids or fluids that don't follow Newton's Law of Viscosity. These liquids can dance, climb out of their container, and others.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Dancing Liquid

A quicksand made of a non-Newtonian fluid used in this experiment. It appears to be solid when at rest, but it becomes liquid with a minimal force applied.

Alternative Energy Kit

This set is a significant first step to understanding energy technologies.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Wind Energy

With this kit, you and your kids can assemble your own tabletop wind power station. A wind turbine produces electrical energy - the faster the blades rotate, the more electrical energy it makes.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Solar Energy

This part of the alternative energy kit will make your kids understand how light carries energy that turns into electricity. Some materials can convert light not just to heat but to electrical energy. The more light hitting the solar panel, the more energy can be produced.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Heat Energy

In this experiment, children will understand how heat traveling from a hot object to a cold object can convert heat into electrical energy.

Electric Motor Kit

Electric Motor Kits, as their name suggests, helps kids build motors such as an electric generator.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Electric motor

Kids can imagine themselves as engineers when they play with this kit. They can build an installation for an electric motor. This experiment involves using wires, batteries, and magnets.

Reflections Kit

With this set, kids will learn how to create multiple reflections and endless mirror tunnels to understand how light and reflections work.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

One Way Mirror

Reflections kits make children create a one-way mirror and understand how it's possible. It's intentionally designed to transmit 10% to 20% of light, and the two rooms are lit relative to each other.

Luminescence Kit

Luminescence is a beautiful phenomenon. It's the random outflow of light from a substance that gives heat. It also has widespread applications in science and our everyday life.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Liquid nightlight

Let your kids learn how to obtain light from a liquid in this kit. In this experiment, they will use UV light to promote fluorescence. When the dye is mixed with water and uniformly gets mixed, it will glow.

Rheoscopic Fluid Kit

Liquid has no form of its own. It takes the shape of the vessel they inhabit and can move independently of one another. Their movement creates flows resulting in fascinating and complex patterns. This experiment set will help your kids see and observe this phenomenon closely.


Modern Scientific Gifts for Children


Through this experiment, you can simulate Jupiter's atmospheric swirls at home. It will help you make a freely rotating kalliroscope. When you spin the vessel, the friction causes the liquid inside to start swirling.

Hydrophobicity Kit

Usually, things get wet in the water. But, that's not always the case. Some things stay dry even after spending hours or days immersed in water. Make your children understand how through this set.

Modern Scientific Gifts for Children

Hydrophobic sand

This hydrophobicity kit will help your children make sand that doesn't get wet in water. The hydrophobic sand that kids will be making was coated with a unique substance that keeps water out.

Modern toys and science experiments make exploration and discovery fun and interesting. But with every experiment, it's always necessary to use protective equipment and carefully review the general safety advice in the instructions of the book before starting.

Get Your Science Gift Today

Playing and experimenting allow kids to discover and interact with the world around them while having fun. Explain these phenomena to your children to enhance their minds and get them interested in the wonders around them.